Daniel Goldowitz
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Daniel Goldowitz
Senior Scientist, CMMT, CFRI, UBC
Professor, Department of Medical Genetics, UBC
Canada Research Chair Tier 1
Scientific Director, NeuroDevNet NCE
Principal Investigator
Group Goldowitz Lab
Direct line +1 (604) 875-3822
Fax +1 (604) 875-3840


Location Room 2026
Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics
950 West 28th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 4H4 Canada
Assistant Anita Sham
Direct line +1 (604) 875-3827


University of California at Irvine, Irvine, CA PhD in Psychobiology (1978) with doctoral disssertation: "Axonal Growth in the Hippocampal Formation of the Adult Rat"
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH Short Course in Electron Microscopic Autoradiography (1984)
Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME Short Course in Mammalian and Medical Genetics (1979, 1991)
University of California at Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA, BA in Psychology (1973)
Antioch College, Yellow Springs, OH (1968-1970)
John Marshall High School, Los Angeles, CA (1968)


Please visit my lab website to learn more about my research interests and projects.


As Scientific Director of NeuroDevNet since 2009, Dr. Goldowitz interacts with 200+ brain development researchers and professionals across Canada. For a complete list of these individuals, please go to: http://www.neurodevnet.ca/about/people

Key collaborators in other projects:
Dr. Guy Mittleman from University of Memphis, USA
Dr. Kristin Hamre from University of Tennessee, USA
Dr. Harukazu Suzuki from Omics Science Center, RIKEN, Yokohama Institute, Japan


Editorial Board, J. Neurogenetics, Cerebellum, Genes, Brain and Behavior


2009 Applebaum Visiting Professor, University of Florida


Year 2015
April 20 Science on the Swan Conference, University of Western Australia Australia, invited speaker. Title: Mouse models of neuronal development.
March 9 Ben-Gurion University - Canadian Researchers Collaboration Meeting Tel Aviv, Israel, invited speaker. Title: Neurodevelopmental disorders: Genetics".
Year 2014
Nov 17 Innovating Child and Family Health Conference, hosted by CIHR Ottawa, invited speaker. Title: Improving Children's Mental Health and Neurodevelopment.
Nov 14 Seeds of Violence conference: Building a Trauma Reponsive Community. University of Florida, Gainesville, USA. Title: Latest Research on Trauma and the Brain.
Year 2013
May 3 IMFAR Educatoinal Symposia: Cerebellar Contribution to Autism Spectrum Disorders Basque Country, Spain, invited speaker. Title: Integratoin of Molecular, Anatomical and Functional Roles of the Cerebellum in Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Year 2012
May 24 INCF (international neuroinformatics coordinating facility), Vancouver, invited speaker
May 14 Research Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, NeuroDevNet presenter at booth
May 11 NeuroDevNet-sponsored CP in motion forum , Edmonton, invited speaker
April 29 Canadian Human Genetics Conference, Ontario, invited speaker
April 3 Children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing, China, invited presented
March 26 NeuroDevNet's Day on the Hill event , Ottawa, meet with senators, parliamentarians and the general public to inform/answer on brain development
February 10 British Columbia Cross-ministerial meeting on Autism, Vancouver, panel member

Year 2011
November 11 Society of Neuroscience meeting, Washington DC, invited speaker
October 26 International Children's Well-Being Symposium, Mount Royal University, Calgary, invited speaker
October 22 Mukibaum International Sensory Conferences, Toronto, speaker
October 17 FANTOM5 Koyo Meeting at the Riken Institute, Yokohama, Japan, speaker
July 31 Canada-Israel Technology Innovation Meeting - Brain Research Group, Tel Aviv, Israel, Discussant
June 20 NeuroDevNet Annual Meeting, Vanocuver, organizer and speaker
March 2 1st Biennial ART - NeuroDevNet Winter Institute, Banff, Canada, organizer and presenter

Year 2010
November 11 NIH-INIA retreat, San Diego, USA, presenter
November 4 Seattle Children's Research Institute, Seattle, USA, presenter
October 20 UBC Neurology Grand Rounds , presenter
September 14 11th Annual Fetal Alcohol Canadian Experience Research Rountable, Vancouver, presenter
June 6 NeuroDevNet Annual General Meeting, Montreal, Quebec, presenter
April 23 Celebrate BC Autism, Autism Community Training, Vancouver, Keynote presenter
March 19 University of Tennessee-ORNL-KBRIN Bioinformatics Summit, Cadiz, Kentucky, USA, organizer and speaker
February 11 Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore, speaker
January 20 University of Toronto, Ontario, invited speaker

Year 2009
October 17 Society for Neuroscience meeting, Chicago, USA, symposium organizer and speaker
October 16 Society for Research on the Cerebellum, Chicago, USA, symposium speaker
June 8 Janelia Farm, Maryland, speaker
May 27 HDF Neuroinflammation meeting, New York City, speaker
February 23 Emory University, Atlanta, speaker
January 10 INIA retreat at Memphis, USA, presenter

Year 2008
November 11 National Institute of Drug Abuse, workforce development and collaboration in addiction genetics meeting, presenter
July 11 Society for Research on the Cerebellum, Inaugrual Cerebellar Symposium, Geneva, Switzerland, Organizer
June 27 Research Society of Alcoholism , Washington, DC, speaker
May 5 IBANGS meeting, Oregon, speaker
March 12 Spring Brain Conference, California, USA, speaker
February 20 Autism Spectrum Disorder Teleconference - Canadian-American Research Consortium, speaker


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